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If you’re going to bet a long shot, you have to be prepared to lose.Equine veterinarian Tory Greyson has always played the safe bet. That is, until she runs into a very cute, opinionated, jobless journalist. The small town of Cherokee Falls is just a pit stop for Leah Montgomery while she figures out how to put her career back on track and deal with her grandmother’s slideIf you’re going to bet a long shot, you have to be prepared to lose.Equine veterinarian Tory Greyson has always played the safe bet. That is, until she runs into a very cute, opinionated, jobless journalist. The small town of Cherokee Falls is just a pit stop for Leah Montgomery while she figures out how to put her career back on track and deal with her grandmother’s slide into dementia. Tory is unable to resist when Leah talks her into putting money on a long shot at the track and then spending the winnings to buy a wild pony. Will Tory take a chance on Leah, too? Or will she stick with the safe bet and pursue Bridgette LeRoy, the calm, Zen-centered artist who arrives to teach at the local college?...

Title : Long Shot
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ISBN : 9781602821415
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Long Shot Reviews

  • Jae Jae
    2019-05-19 09:04

    This is D. Jackson Leigh's second novel, and I could tell that she learned a lot from the first one and improved her writing skills.Long Shot is a solid read that starts with a fast-paced, fun first chapter. It does have a few inconsistencies and coincidences, but it's still an entertaining read for a few hours.

  • Lexxi Kitty
    2019-05-22 06:10

    This is unfortunate. I thought I'd written something for this one before now. It's tougher to do so when days have gone by, 3 to be exact, and I'm 52% into the third book in this 'series'.I'll start with that, with that '' around series. Skylar and Jessica are in this book as well, and in the third, but this is one of those 'switching the main characters' type series. Also tending to use some relatively minor character from the previous book as the 'star' of the new. Well, in this one the main character is Tory, the veterinarian from the first book. Tory dates two women more or less at the same time in this book. Mostly without telling either about the situation. It's vaguely 'okay' since Leah kept saying, over and over again, that she just can't have a relationship right now. And kept pushing Tory away. Despite obvious feelings both share for each other. Leah can't have a relationship, apparently, because she's only in the area long enough to put her mother into an assisted living place (she's got dementia, the mother that is), and find a new job. Elsewhere. As a reporter.Tory is also dating someone new to the area, an artist-in-residence at the local college. Bridgette. To a certain extent I felt two things about Bridgette, 1) she might be an interesting character; 2) my she's cold. She's kind of an emotional basket case in the third book, so my second thought was wrong. I've read 52% of the next book, as I think I mentioned, but I mention that again because I just now recalled that I kind of despised Leah when I first meet her. I'd forgotten that when she turned up in the third book. I didn't particularly like her sense of humor, her attitude or anything, really, about her. Playfully pointing a shotgun at someone who had just been shot by said shotgun, while giggling about wishing she had handcuffs so she could live a particular fantasy out in real life . . . which of the two women are the ones with some mental problems? Leah or her mother? I mean, shesh. That's just . . . disturbing.The three books, at least so far as I can tell from the little I've read of the third, seem to have a certain formula. All three books seem to involve women, at least one in each book, who are 'players'. Either they, or the person they pursue, can't imagine settling down into a relationship. Skylar doesn't think she deserves to be in a relationship (book 1), and is a player. Leah doesn't want to be/can't see herself adding the "problems" of being in a relationship, while Tory, despite this going against her normal nature, gets honorary player status by dating two women at the same time. And then Marc, in the third book, is both a player, and someone who doesn't fancy they'll ever be in a relationship (plus she has a massive chip on her shoulder, and self doubt, like Skylar); Bridgette doesn't appear to be a player but she does suddenly find excuses to make her flings just be flings, and flees entanglements. She's got reasons, but . . it's fun to just word things the way I did.So basically there's been only one character I've liked from the beginning, and while the other main characters have, mostly, grown on me (I've not reached that yet with the third book), I still find it interesting how much I dislike most of the characters in this series. At least initially. Except for Tory. Oh. I forgot Tory and Jessica were in a relationship before Skylar hooked up with Jessica. So, that happened again in book two. There it involve Tory, Leah, and Bridgette. I keep forgetting if that's Bridget or Bridgette, but bah. That specific theme hasn't, as of yet, reared it's ugly head in book three. At least I only recall two people involved in it, romantic wise. Well, this was a weird little write-up.

  • qrbooks
    2019-05-10 07:02

    F/F romanceHorses, very appealing and well-developed butch vet, & sexy sex...This is the author's second novel and is the sequel to Bareback. In Bareback we're introduced to a community in Cherokee Falls, Virginia where horses have a starring role... and one hot, womanizing butch horse trainer (Skyler) falls for her femme rider (Jessica). On the sidelines was the trainer's best friend and community horse vet Tory Greyson who didn't get the girl and didn't leave much of an impression.Not so in this sequel. In this story, Tory gets a starring role and overcomes her bloodless first impression and seemingly fated role as a doormat. She bears a strong resemblance to Skyler Reese, the best pal she grew up with (our womanizing horse trainer turned monogamous)... but Tory is the good girl who always does the right thing. As a result, she has always lost out to Skyler in the realm of relationships.... She gets exploited by clients and family alike who take advantage of her generosity and kindness.Basically, she's this very hot, tall, blonde and responsible mid 30s butch who is just very... boring?? lol. Not the worst flaw you can have, and one does wonder why she's still single. She's pretty much the most ideal mate you'd ever want to have. I didn't take note of her at all in Bareback, but in this story, she really comes to life and I totally loved her. Skyler doesn't even begin to compare with Tory in the story. Who says good girls can't be hot?? lol.This book opened on a very positive vibe for me, and not just because the author took a pretty humorous route while following Tory through her veterinarian visits in Virginia country. But also because Tory and her visits were reminiscent of some old James Harriot (rural vet) stories I read and fell in love with.In doing so, Tory meets Leah, a petite, Texan femme in Daisy Duke shorts and a heavy Texas-Tennessee drawl. A real spitfire. Leah is the visiting granddaughter of one of Tory's clients who suffers from Dementia... she's in Virginia for only a short time to take care of her worsening grandmother. But she's also a very talented but laid off journalist dealing with her own stuff and doesn't want to make her life more complicated. Even so, Leah and Tory share an irresistible chemistry they can't deny.Hence, this is a storyline about denying love to the angsty end, lol. Sometimes I can't really get into this extended denial if a story isn't written well and the leads spend too much time apart, but this one was pretty good. The characters were mostly colorful and well-developed, and I like it when the leads have interesting lives and other lovers. The sex scenes here are definitely hot. Kudos to the author for the strap-on cameo... sure don't see this juicy stuff much in the romance genre.I think the friendship of Tory and Skyler also really came to life here and this author definitely has a talent for illustrating butches.I didn't give it 5 stars because I just didn't care for the femmes as much as the butches... they are less vivid and lack the characteristic nuances and depth that make Tory and Skyler so much more interesting. The author probably just identified with them more. I think what makes Leah stand out so much in theory is her voice... but her drawl didn't come through in any of the dialogue. I kinda liked the femme college professor better... so long as she didn't talk much, lol...Love the Cherokee Falls community and horses and all the details of being a vet in this setting... this author really knows how to work with these elements. And I was really pleased to see her writing improve a great deal since Bareback.Jessica is her best femme thus far. Would definitely love to see her dream up some sexy femmy southern belles and give them the focus she gives her butches...9/26/2012

  • Megan
    2019-04-22 12:24

    The story starts with a bang when Dr. Tory Greyson, from Bareback, arrives at a farm to check on some horses and runs into Sniper Granny and her grandaughter, Leah. A rather funny scene that includes emergency surgery to save a leperchaun. The romance starts from there, with a number of complications thrown in including the fact that Leah is not intending on sticking around once she is able to settle her grandmother into a long term care home. Tory is torn between the woman that she wants but can't have and a woman who she could be happy with- a difficult place to be for a woman who always does the right thing. Add to the mix Leah's dealing with being laid off and her grandmother's worsening dementia. This book has quite a bit going on but Jackson ties everything together and gives resolution to the issues and situtations. (view spoiler)[ Although the Greyson Estates solution was a bit too convenient, I liked Gram and was quite happy to see her get her own HEA(hide spoiler)].Jackson writes a good romance with humour and a bit of sadness that makes a very good read.

  • Martha
    2019-05-05 08:21

    I really like the series of Bareback, Longshot and Every Second Counts.Longshot is my favorite. I like the good girl gets the girl as opposed to the bad girl always getting the girl. I like that Tory does all the right things but still struggles to get what/who she wants.I read a lot of romaances and can honestly say Longshot is in my top three fav's of all.The chracters are well developed and the sex is hot! D Jackson Leigh did a great job of developing relationships and laying the foundation for Every Second Counts.The added romance of Willie and Lori was touching.All together a great read.

  • Tara
    2019-05-15 11:23

    I liked Bareback a little more, but this was still great too. As much as I enjoyed the three main characters and seeing who Tory fell in love with and how, I was just about brought to tears by the side story with Gram and Willie.

  • Kris
    2019-04-27 08:31

    decent story with a cute ending!

  • Dawn Bellville
    2019-05-19 12:28

    This was a great read. Loved the characters, twists of the plot, and the conflict. I'd definitely recommend it! Great job, D.!