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PAWN...CAPTIVE...QUEEN?Kitty Doe is a Blackcoat rebel and a former captive with a deadly connection to the most powerful and dangerous man in the country, Prime Minister Daxton Hart. Forced to masquerade as Daxton's niece, Lila Hart, Kitty has helped the Blackcoats take back the prison known as Elsewhere. But Daxton has no intention of ceding his position of privilege—or lPAWN...CAPTIVE...QUEEN?Kitty Doe is a Blackcoat rebel and a former captive with a deadly connection to the most powerful and dangerous man in the country, Prime Minister Daxton Hart. Forced to masquerade as Daxton's niece, Lila Hart, Kitty has helped the Blackcoats take back the prison known as Elsewhere. But Daxton has no intention of ceding his position of privilege—or letting Kitty expose his own masquerade. Not in these United States, where each person's rank means the difference between luxury and poverty, freedom and fear...and ultimately, between life and death.To defeat the corrupt government, Kitty must expose Daxton's secret. Securing evidence will put others in jeopardy, including the boy she's loved forever and an ally she barely trusts. For months, Kitty's survival has hinged on playing a part. Now she must discover who she truly wants to be, and whether the new world she and the rebels are striving to create has a place in it for her after all....

Title : Queen
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ISBN : 9780373211616
Format Type : Hardcover
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Queen Reviews

  • Ai Haibara
    2019-05-20 10:49

    Captive was a disappointment but I'll still read Queen because what can a gal do when Ms. Carter here has created a character as enigmatic as Lennox Creed?*Sigh* The things I do for you, Knox.WARNING: READ AT YOUR OWN RISKOf course I'm also interested to see how the romance angle would play out in this book seeing as although Kitty is in 'love' with Benjy and they're in a relationship, it just seems like a plot device with Benjy as the ever cardboard character who disappears for the majority of the story (in both previous books) because he's so useless. While Ms.Carter took the time to develop Knox's character and his relationship with Kitty feels more organic and natural. Below, I've compiled some reasons as to why Knox x Kitty (Knitty?) may still be possible:-Knox has been the central male character beside Kitty since book 1. As Kitty's boyfriend, Benjy in both books appear at the start, gone for the middle, important part of the story and then appears again towards the end. Usually, the character that is most prominent and fleshed out is the lead male and in this case, all signs point to Knox. In short, Benjy's only purpose is to serve as bait to lure the antagonists in the book so they can use him to threaten Kitty and add tension to the story. But it's still boring as hell since Benjy is so artificial and stale that I can't care about him even if I wanted to.-While Carter has mostly kept Knox's feelings a mystery, there's still subtle hints in Pawn and Captive that reveal romantic notions toward Kitty.“He misses you,” said Hannah over my shoulder.“Knox?” I said, too startled to hide my surprise. “He doesn’t miss me. He never loved me in the first place. It was all some twisted political arrangement.”“Maybe that’s how it started, and maybe that’s what it is for you, but I know love when I see it. That man would move heaven and earth to keep you safe.”From Captive“The more I watched him, the more I understood why the other girls were practically green with envy. The way he looked at me, the way we moved, the heat between us—in the low lights of the club, it was intoxicating.”From Pawn“He (Knox) eased down onto the mattress beside me, leaving enough room between us so it didn’t become awkward.”From CaptiveNow why would Carter bother to mention the 'awkwardness' of Knox sitting next to Kitty on the bed if there isn't already some romantic tension between the two?-It's highly unlikely that Knox has feelings for the real Lila especially since Carter has never made any attempts to establish a legitamite romantic relation between the two.“Are you really in love with Lila? Is that it?”Several long seconds passed, and finally Knox sighed. “People like you hold their loved ones above ideals. They’ll do anything to protect them, no matter what it costs. But me—I hold ideals above people. No single life is as important as this revolution, not even mine.” Knox's answer to the question was vague and didn't answer Kitty's question but instead changed the topic. -It has happened in other series where originally the second obscure male lead ends up with the girl in the end. (view spoiler)[Case in point: Warner and Juliette in Shatter Me (hide spoiler)]Ms Carter, if you're reading this either a) develop Benjy into a fleshed out character that I can root for or b) make Knox x Kitty endgame!["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Irmak
    2019-04-29 08:10

    Serinin son kitabı olmasından dolayı bu kitaba nasıl yorum yapacağımı bilemiyorum. Çünkü anlatmak istediğim şeyleri anlatırsam ağır spoiler olur. Yine su gibi akıp giden bir kitaptı. Gereksiz yere uzatılmamıştı. Ve tempo ilk iki kitapta da olduğu gibi bir an olsun düşmüyordu. Çok vurucu sahnelerin olduğunu da söylemeliyim. Kitapta heyecanlı bir şey oldukça annemin yanına gidip isyan ettim ve kadın karşıma geçip kıs kıs güldü sadece. Kitty ilk kitaptan beri çok güçlü bir karakterdi bence. Sadece biraz salaktı ki hala da salak. Mantığından ziyade duygularıyla hareket edip her seferinde saçma sapan işler yapıyordu. Neyse ki bu kitapla birlikte Kitty'nin saçma sapan beni geren hareketleri de son bulmuş oldu. Knox. Kitabı heyecanla bekleyiş sebebim. Kitapta bu kadar az olması beni üzdü. Bütün olayların arasında gözüm hep onu aradı :') Ay Benjy'den bahsetmezsem olmaz. Sonunda birileri gerçeklerin farkına vardı ve bunu söyleme cesaretini gösterdi. Benjy'i ilk iki kitaptan daha çok sevdim bu kitapta. Canım Benjy diyebilirim artık onada <3Ayrıca kitabın sonunu da öyle aşırı sevmedim. Yani sebebini söylersem spoiler olur ama okuyanlar neden sevmediğimi anlayabilir bence :| O son bölümün çok daha başka ilerlemesini isterdim ama olsun bununla yetinmeye çalışacağım. Her şeye rağmen güzel bir seri sonu kitabıydı. Büyük bir heyecanla okudum. Çoğu yerde resmen gerilim kitaplarında olduğundan daha çok gerildim. Ateş bastı yüzümü adeta. Sadece o sondaki beklentim ve Knox'un azlığından dolayı bir puan kırıyorum. Ben sana demiştim Aimee. Beni kızdırma puan kırarım demiştim. Neyse sen bilirsin.

  • Marcia
    2019-05-22 07:14

    Ik ben in tranen. Een goed en vooral spannend einde voor deze trilogie. Ik heb het gevoel dat dit boek behoorlijk gewelddadiger is dan haar voorgangers, maar dat maakte de ontknoping des te spannender. Enkel de romantiek was ietwat voorspelbaar, maar tegelijkertijd wel goed en geloofwaardig uitgewerkt. Een heerlijk boek dus, waar ik doorheen ben gevlogen!Mijn complete recensie lees je op Oog op de Toekomst.

  • david y biblioflick
    2019-05-03 05:59

    UPADATE AUGUST 7, 2015The cover is just awesome with the hexagon-shapes that made me think of scifi, especially the TV Show Orphan Black. I knew it that the eye will have the "X" symbol! Plus the tagline is quite similar to what I made A move that will end it all. And the book - In the final move, you win or die. Can't wait to read it! Pawn. Captive. Queen. Kitty Doe is a Blackcoat rebel and a former captive with a deadly connection to the most powerful and dangerous man in the country, Prime Minister Daxton Hart. Forced to masquerade as Daxton's niece, Lila Hart, Kitty has helped the Blackcoats take back the prison known as Elsewhere. But Daxton has no intention of ceding his position of privilege—or letting Kitty expose his own masquerade. Not in these United States, where each person's rank means the difference between luxury and poverty, freedom and fear...and ultimately, between life and death.To defeat the corrupt government, Kitty must expose Daxton's secret. Securing evidence will put others in jeopardy, including the boy she's loved forever and an ally she barely trusts. For months, Kitty's survival has hinged on playing a part. Now she must discover who she truly wants to be, and whether the new world she and the rebels are striving to create has a place in it for her after all

  • Pat
    2019-05-09 12:51

    “People like you hold their loved ones above ideals. They’ll do anything to protect them, no matter what it costs. But me—I hold ideals above people. No single life is as important as this revolution, not even mine.”- Lennox Creed, CaptiveMY KNOXITTY (Knox+Kitty) SHIP IS NOT CANON. I JUST WANT TO CRY, AND CRY, AND CRY. AND WATCH MORE JDORAMA WITH UNREQUITED LOVE. AND CRY!! (view spoiler)[I'm staying negative as much as possible for this ship. Cause I want to be surprised and jumpy-kind of happy if they ever end up together. Inside I'm dying cause there's 85% they won't end up together. But I'm also hoping for a plot twist. I ship them so much, it hurts. < / 3 (hide spoiler)]Predictions? Thoughts? Like, will Knox succeed, or will he fail and die? Or will Benjy die, (view spoiler)[for real (hide spoiler)]? Can Kitty save the day? What ship do you think is end game?WARNING: HEAVY SPOILERS!! SERIOUSLY DON'T READ IF YOU HAVEN'T READ CAPTIVEMy thoughts: (view spoiler)[I think this one will have a bitter ending if you ship my ship. I think even if Benjy and Kitty won't end up together, Knox won't pursue Kitty. Cause everyone knows Knox has a soft spot for Kitty. Only Kitty and Knox don't know about it. Also, Knox is too invested in his ideals. As he said in the book Captive, quoted above.If Knox lets Kitty stay to help him, she would probably want Benjy out. She will keep him safe. She will send him and her mom to some safe place, like what Knox offered. But I still think they're end game unless Knox does something romantic, which he won't (I think) *cries*As for the rebellion, of course they will succeed, but at what cost will they gain their freedom? That will be an interesting play. Kitty hasn't said anything to Knox that she already knows the real identity of Daxton. Also they predicted that Daxton is all alone in this. But I hope he isn't. I hope the ending will stay realistic. You can't rid of a structured system that easily even if you kill all the ones who made it. I hope the ending stays realistically as possible, and more open (an ending you rarely read from YA dystopian novels). (hide spoiler)]["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Colette
    2019-05-01 13:13

    The conclusion to this trilogy did not impress me. While the last 50 pages brought me back into the Rebellion, the rest of the book left me not caring about the characters and their fates. Overall 2/5 stars; Pawn and Capture proved superior to Queen.

  • Kitaplarvesozleri
    2019-05-07 14:01

    Serinin bitmesine fazlasıyla üzüldüm. Çünkü kitap muhteşemdi ve tadı damağımda kaldı. Daha fazlasını okumak isterdim ama yazar çok güzel bir nokta da seriyi bitirmiş 😍❤️ bayıldım. İki günde elimde eridi gitti.

  • Kelly (Diva Booknerd)
    2019-05-08 06:08

    3.5 Stars.I've loved this series and even though I still enjoyed Queen, there was one thing missing. One pivotal point that it should have ended on. All that tension and nothing. Where's that bloody novella when you need one?

  • Esra
    2019-04-24 08:59

    İlk iki kitaba kıyasla son derece olaysız ve durağandı, ama bana göre hava hoş :)Kitty bir nebze de olsa akıllanabilmiş çok şükür... Eskisi gibi aptallıklar yapmadı!Lily'i pek sevmesem de onun için üzüldüm...Ama Greyson, Benjy ve Knox için tam da istediğim gibi bir son buldum :)

  • Shelley
    2019-04-28 09:58

    *Source* Library*Genre* Young Adult, Science Fiction*Rating* 4.0*My Thoughts*"Sometimes you have to sacrifice your Queen to capture the King."Queen is the third and final installment in The Blackcoat Rebellion by author Aimee Carter. The narrator/protagonist continues to be 17-year old Kitty Doe-Hart. I added the last part because, let's be real, using the Doe name alone absolutely makes no sense. Especially since the revelations about who Kitty's real father and mother were in the previous installment. So, Kitty and her allies in the Blackcoat Rebellion have successfully taken over the prison known as Elsewhere. Elsewhere is a place where second children are sent, and hunted down like animals by those in the Elite class. (Marked with VI, or VII on their necks). *Full Review posted @ Gizmos Reviews 01/13/2016**Published* November 24th 2015 by Harlequin Teen

  • Imnothing
    2019-05-01 07:52

    THIS REVIEW CONTAINS TOO MANY SPOILERS.Os aviso de antemano. Es imposible hablar de un final de trilogía sin antes nombrar sucesos de interés de sus predecesores. Dicho esto, empiezo.Llegados a este punto siempre me pasa lo mismo, no se si valorar la trilogía en sí de manera global o puntuar el libro de manera individual. Como nunca me decido, acabo por hacer un mix de ambas y punto. Y aquí pasará lo mismo.Llegamos a Queen en el punto que nos dejó Captive al final: el levantamiento de OtherSide u OtroSitio liderado por Kitty y Knox. Aquí existen dos hechos cruciales y básicos, uno es el tablero de ajedrez que nos monta Aimeé que visto y explicado por Knox e interpretado por el lector, resulta notable. Y el segundo es el estancamiento que sufre en las primeras páginas.Os aseguro una cosa: he disfrutado. En este último tomo vemos a Kitty ser prudente y comedida, cosa que en el pasado no fue. A mi parecer tanta prudencia acaba por estancar la lectura, aún así comprendo de que es necesario y más para éste tipo de lectura. Knox crece. Es el líder estratégico y su mentalidad choca con la de Kitty al ser tan pasional. Aún así agradezco que en una distopía juvenil nos introduzcan esa dosis de realismo, desde donde el punto de vista de Knox podemos ver que nada que implique guerra no nos dejará opción ha dejar sacrificios detrás. Lo que mas e acabado por adorar de este personaje es que no se considera mejor a sus rivales, el como ellos, sacrifica, otra cosa es que su causa sea mas justa que la del bando opresor. Sin duda mi favorito.Benjy es indiferente.Víctor me encanta como el capullo de la historia, pero peca de poco inteligente. ¿De verdad no te das cuenta de que es Kitty y no Lila? ¿De verdad no ves la traición de tu mano derecha? ¿Por que, por que.....? Yo que sé, en este libro se vuelve mas lento que una piedra en cuanto inteligencia. Es que... ¡No jodas, si eres dictador te ves venir ciertas cosas! ¿No? Pues vale.Celia es el verdadero peón. No se si sabéis que en el ajedrez existe un movimiento que se llama coronación, y es que cuando el peón llega a la última fila contrincante puede convertirse en una reina. Eso es lo que le ha pasado a Kitty y Celia le pasa lo mismo solo que le invierten el proceso. Celia fue la reina, y la acabaron sacrificando como peón. Y Kitty fue un peón y acabo por ser cara y estrategia en los Blackcoat.... En fin, que desvarío, paro ya. Otra personaje que me gusta.¿Del resto? Poca cosa más salvo que intervenciones fugaces y ya esta.¿Debería tener unas páginas más? Pues sí, ¿como queda el país después? ¿Existen radicales del bando opresor que intentan boicoearles? Y lo más importante.... ¿Y el beso de Knox y Kitty?

  • Tanja Voosen
    2019-05-16 09:03

    Auch, wenn die ganze Blackcoat-Rebellion Trilogie keine 5-Sterne-Reihe für mich ist, mag ich sie unglaublich gerne. Schon vom ersten Buch an, war ich maßlos begeistert und habe die Protagonistin Kitty sehr ins Herz geschlossen. In diesem Abschlussband der Reihe hat die Autorin (wieder) alles richtig gemacht. Die Mischung aus dystopischen Elementen, der Rebellion, der Liebesgeschichte und der Bedeutung von Freundschaft und für sich selber einzustehen war gelinde gesagt perfekt. Die Figuren sind sich treu geblieben, haben nicht egoistisch gehandelt und allgemein war das Buch so wahnsinnig vernünftig geschrieben. Selten konnte ich Entscheidungen und Entwicklungen so gut nachvollziehen, wie das hier der Fall war. Ich bin richtig traurig, dass es nun vorbei ist. QUEEN ist vielleicht etwas übersichtlicher und voraussehbarer als seine Vorgänger, aber hier laufen eben alle Handlungsstränge zusammen und enden so, wie man es wollte und wie es auch realistisch erscheint. Ich bin total zufrieden mit dem Ende der Reihe und war ab und zu richtig geflashed! Auch der Ausgang der Liebesgeschichte war wenig überraschend, aber doch irgendwie gut...hach, wenn die Vernunft mal durchweg siegt, Leute :D Fazit: Lest die Reihe unbedingt, auch wenn die Goddess Bücher kacke sein sollen [email protected]/Tanjas Rezensionen

  • Gözde Yeşilsefa
    2019-05-06 12:12

    Öncelikle yazarımızı doğru yolu bulduğu için tebrik ediyorum. Evet Knox ve Kitty doğru karardı. Başından beri Knox’tu olay. Benjy’ye hiç üzülmedim. Sadece son kısımdaki bu Benjy ile Kitty’nin arasındaki kız muhabbetini sevmedim o kadar. Evet onlar en yakın arkadaşlar ama zamanla bu gerginlik azalıcak. Zamanla diyorum 1 hafta sonra değil yani. Knox’tan gidelim. Başta yine gıcıktı. Herkesten full itaat bekleyen adi herifin tekiydi. Ama Knox zeki biri, gerçekten zeki biri. Hem kardeşine de çok üzüldüm. Gerçekten onu o evde kimsenin haberi olmadan tutabilirlerdi. Öldürmelerine, varlığını silmelerine gerek yoktu. Gerizekalılar. Knox cidden Kitty'yi bırakıp giderek beni mahvetti. Onu orada bırakmak en mantıklı karar olsa da bırakmamalıydı. Kurgu çok kötüydü zaten. Günler, haftalar boş geldi. Neyseki Knox yaşıyordu, yaşamasa kitabı camdan aşağı atardım, hem de hiç acımadan. Yine her şeyi planlamıştı. Odaya kameralar yerleştirtmiş. Onu öldürmeden konuştur Kitty diye talimatta verdi. Knox’a bayılıyorum, gerçek bir lider ama mükemmel bir karakter değildi. Zaten bu kitaptaki en büyük eksiklik aşktı. Knox’u Kitty’e hep istedim ama bu kitaba kadar aşk göremedim. Benjy’nin süslü lafları da dahil aşk yoktu. Kitty baya sergiledi bu kitapta aşkını, o kısma geleceğim. Greyson’da aşırı tatlıydı. Üstelik de bir dahi. İcat ettiği her şey her zaman çok işe yaradı. Greyson ben asker değilim, direnişe katılmam dese de yardım edebildiği kadar etti, canım ya. Tek hatası Kitty'nin kendini tehlikeye atmasını istememesiydi.Böyle hayat mı olur be! Neyse artık yönetirler güzel güzel ülkeyi. Diğer bir eksiklikte buydu? Yeni sistem ne demeyeceğim ama sistemin açıklarını çok hissettiremedi yazar bana. Başkayer dışında sorun göremedik, duyamadık. Daxton / Victor (ama ben ona Daxton demeyi seviyorum) tüm bakanları görevinden aldı, bazılarını öldürdü. Delirmesi çok eğlenceliydi. Konuşma yaptıktan sonra Kitty'te değerin azaldı sen git demesi çok komikti. O kısmı cidden aklım almadı. Bu kitaba 5 bile verebilirdim ama o kısım her şeyi bitirdi. Başkayer’i havaya uçurması cidden zekiceydi. O kısma bayıldım. Sonunda be oğlum falan dedim. Daxton Benjy'yi öldürmedi diye sinirlendim ama neyse o kısım farklı şekilde çözüldü zaten. Daxton bir türlü ölmüyor, Lila aşkından da vazgeçmiyor. Daha kötüsü sanırım Bradley'e yaptıklarıydı. Cidden midem bulandı. Celia'ya yaptığı ise her şeyi başlatan şey oldu. O yüzden bye bye Daxton. Rivers'ı seviyorum. Kitty'yi kurtarmadı yetmedi üstüne Knox seni seviyorda dedi. Onun bulduğu tüneller olmasa kimse yaşayamayacaktı. Rivers kalp. Sanırım en öne çıkması gereken karakterlerden biri de oydu. Celia'nın bu Daxton manyaklığı başka bir boyuta taşındı cidden. Ama yaptığı işe de yaradı. Daxton'ın dublörü varsa o konuşanda maskelenen başka biri olabilir cidden. Ah be evladım. Celia nasıl yakalandı cidden? Yakalanmayaydı iyiydi. Ama açıkçası ölmesi güzel oldu. Çünkü o yaşasaydı o zaman yeni bir Daxton olma tehlikesi vardı. Ve korkak pislik Lila'mız. Gerçekten sevimsiz biriydi. Kendinden başkasını da düşünmezdi. Yer değiştirmek istemesinin tek sebebi o evden çıkabilmekti. Amacı asla direniş olmadı. Ama sonra o öldü. Ölünce arkasından laf yapamıyor insan. Bunu göze almıştı zaten. Mutlu öldü diye kendini avutan herkese katılıyorum. Kitty’den önce son bahsetmek istediğim karakterimiz Benjy. Herifi sevmiyorum, üzgünüm sadece o aşkın gelişimini görmedim. Böyle pat diye önüme çıktığından yapamıyorum. Knox daha tatlıydı. Hayatındaki en önemli insan Knox tribine girdiğinde evet bebeğim öyle dedim. Böyle oleey diye bağırasım geldi. Ve yaşadı, yaşamayaydı iyiydi. Ama doğru olanı yaptı. Kitty'den ayrılarak benden bir aferin aldı. Bye bye Benjy. Selam Knox’cuğum. Bu kitabın sonunu ne kadar beğenmediğim kısmına da aşağıda değineceğim. Şimdi Kitty'nin Knox'ı zorlamasını seviyorum. Herkes ona itaat etmemeli zaten. Öncelikle Kitty’nin yanlış kararlar verebilmesini sevdim. O bir insan sonuçta. Kitty’yi en gerçekçi yapan şey şımarıklığı veya inatçılığı değildi yaptığı saçmalıklardı. Ayrıca ilk konuşması da fena değildi. Herkesin onu sevmemesini sevdim, ona saldırmalarını da. Kitty Knox'la konuşmaya çalışırken mahvoldu. Tüm o sözleri yüreğime işledi cidden. O öldü zannettiğinden mahvoldu. Adi Knox, her şeyi duyup hiçbir şey söylememesi çok kötüydü ama tatlıydı da (sanırım). Kitty cidden Knox'ın odasında uyudu, acaba gelir mi Knox dedim ama gelmedi. Gelmediği her sayfada mahvoldum. Kitty o çelik yeleği tamin edebilmeliydi, aptallık etti her zamanki gibi. Gereksiz acele etti. Zaten hep günler, haftalar geçiyor biraz daha beklesene yavrum. Kitty’nin ilk defa ateş edememesi bir işe yaradı. Celia'yı vuramadı. Gerçek isyanı başlattı. Ve cidden Daxton'ı konuşturmayı başardı. Ve Kitty'nin Knox'ı vurmasına bayıldım. Fedakarlık mı al sana fedakarlık gerizekalı. Yara izinin kalmasına karar vermesine de bayıldım. Ama sonunu sevmedim. Sonu korkunçtu. “Biliyordu, kendi de anlamıştı. İkimizde biliyorduk” vs vs ama tık yok. Ne demek tık yok? Ve sonra pat gitti. Annesiyle gitti karı. Lan bir iki öpüş koklaş, seni seviyorumlar havada uçuşsun. Uçuşmadı. Aimee Carter aşk öküzü cidden. Ve seri yorumu. Ortalama bir seriydi. Çok wow effect asla olmadı. Ön göremediğim şeyler yaşandı evet ama bu seriyi birilerine deli gibi tavsiye edebileceğimi falan hayal edemiyorum mesela. Ya da birkaç ay sonra oturup Knox ve Kitty ne harikaydı diyemeyeceğim. Hatırlanmaya değer çok şey bulamadım. Ama yazarı tekrar tebrik ediyorum Knox ve Kitty mükemmel oldu.

  • Shilo
    2019-05-19 10:13

    I'm so conflicted. I spent almost the entire book rolling my eyes, getting mad, and even kind of yelling at it. It was repetitive and I felt like the story was going nowhere; the same things just kept happening over and over again. Kitty annoyed me, I was kind of only here for Knox and Greyson. Then, a few chapters from the end, I started to feel things and I was really excited to see how everything was going to play out. But like I said, that was only a few chapters from the end, so the majority of my time reading was spent being annoyed. It was a very quick read for me and I'm happy I now have closure with the story, but it wasn't my favorite. One other thing that drove me nuts gets to go under spoiler tags!(view spoiler)[How can Kitty spend two books freaking out over Benjy and having, in my eyes, little romantic chemistry with Knox, but then end up with Knox??? It's not even like I wanted Kitty with Benjy, they bored me and I never really understood it, but I don't get it with Knox either. I feel like it was just done so there could be a love triangle, and then Knox is obviously more interesting and a fan favorite, so that's where it landed. I don't know, I just think everyone would have done better by themselves at the end of the book. (hide spoiler)]

  • Jennifer
    2019-05-09 13:09

    3.5/5 starsQueen is the final book in the YA dystopian Blackcoat Rebellion trilogy.The narrator is 17 year old Kitty Doe.There will be some spoilers from the first two books.In Pawn Kitty Doe was surgically transformed (Masked) to look like Lila Hart (the Prime Minister's niece). Lila was supposedly dead and so Kitty took over her life.Kitty was working with the Blackcoat Rebellion. In Captive she was sent to Elsewhere and held prisoner.In this society your rank dictates your life.I found this book started off a bit slow. I had a hard time getting into it. However, partway through the book definitely picked up a lot. I enjoyed seeing the Blackcoat Rebellion trying to get Victor. That guy was super evil and it was very interesting to see how he was always one step ahead of them.The love triangle was also interesting. I guess I was okay with how things ended up. It was what I was predicting would happen.I enjoyed that we got to see a lot more of Greyson in this book. I really enjoyed him and Kitty.The ending was satisfying. And overall, it was a good conclusion to the series. There were a few twists (one that I knew was going to happen). But most of my questions were answered.

  • Rebecca
    2019-05-17 13:00

    So good! I kind of wanted more of Knox and Kitty but the possibilities that you can imagine from the end of this book are countless. This was probably one of the most frustrating series' I've ever read, the villains are so beyond evil you can't wait to get to the conclusion where the heroes win! Such a good series and great finale!

  • Caro Guajardo
    2019-04-30 12:02

    Mi anecdota de vida, es que espere mas de un año para este libro, y cuando supe que ya lo habian sacado en bendito pdf (mi salvacion) no pude hacer otra cosa sino descargarlo y leerlo inmediatamente. Sinceramente, cuando lei por primera vez la sinopsis de Pawn (primer libro) me dije: ayy no, le van a cambiar el rostro, la personaje principal no será ella misma. Eso no me gustaba.Pero como soy una chica ruda (¿que tan ruda eres?... ¿que tan ruda soy? ¿que tan ruda soooy?) pues lo empece a leer.Bueno, admito que lo empece a leer por la portada, se que dicen: no juzguez a un libro por su portada, pero estas portadas estan taaaan geniales.! que pues solo por eso me anime :Pbueno, pues no me desepciono. ADORE LA HISTORIA COMPLETA.!! Digo, me gustan este tipo de historias, son mis favoritas, entonces... quede satisfecha en cuanto al drama.Pero volviendo a lo que es... este libro que tanto espere y espere... FUE HERMOSOno tan hermoso como los anteriores, pero todos tuvieron sus puntos buenos ;) y este no se quedo atras :PBien, ahi van mis puntos clave:1.- LA MALDITA MUERTE DEL MALDITO DAXTON HART FALSO.! PERRO DEL MAL.! habia estado taan sadica y genial, que me dije: woow.! LO HICISTE BIEN CELIA (hermana del Daxton real, mamá de Lila). Osea, colgado de una soga por el cuello, en la puerta principal de Somerset (casa de los Hart) con un cuchillo atravesando su corazon. pero no -.- era otro enmascarado... .l. lo sospeche porque aun faltaban muchas paginas :P2.- Cueno Benjy termino con Kitty :'(. Adoro a Benjy, pero Knox enamora :P y eso fue lo que le sucedio a Kitty. 3.- Cuando capturan a Kitty en la casa Hart. cuando ella y Knox van por los archivos de Victor Mercer (ahora Daxton Hart) y Kitty se lesiona el pie y se queda ahi :( 4.- ESTA PARTE FUE LA PARTE CULMINANTE DE TODO Y LA MAS DOLOROSA D': sigo sin superarlo :C la muerte de Lila Hart. Cuando el perro de Daxton le dice a Kitty que la dejara libre, no me lo crei nada. sabia que habia una trampa en todo esto... LO SABIA.! pero Lila tenia tantos deseos de liberarse de él que le rogo a Kitty que cambiaran de lugar y ésta accedio a la peticion. Pero cuando el helicoptero donde se supone que iba Kitty, es disparado por quien sabe que madre y explotó. Yo me quede en shock total O.o literalmente. dije: nooo, no frigues.! noo.! ella tiene que haber sobrevivido.! tiene que haber algo aqui oculto.! pero mis esperanzas murieron varias paginas despues :'( RIP Lila Hart :'( no me agradabas del todo, pero no te deseaba ese final. 5.- OTRO-SITIO, ES BOMBARDEADO.! D: PURAS MALDITAS TRAGEDIAS.!! NOO.! pero yo sospeche que nadie iba a estar ahi, porque nunca mencionaron a personas caminando o algo asi, cuando se lanzaron las bombas, y cuando luego fueron ahi, no habia restos humanos ;) y luego, muchisimas paginas despues, me dijeron lo que yo sospechaba :P I'M A GENIOUS.6.- Cuando capturan a los Blackcoat :( y Benjy es uno de ellos. Admito que solte unas cuantas lagrimas :( pero gracias al egoismo de Daxton, lo dejo vivo para dejarlo como su sirviente.7.- Daxton en la cena muestra a Celia ante "Lila" (Kitty pero nadie sabe solo Benjy, y Geyson) para decir que la ejecutaria el dia siguiente. ala, eso me dolio :( y luego Celia se da cuenta que ella no es su hija y le pregunta cuando murio su verdadera hija. eso tambien me llego al alma :'( llore mas 8.- EL DIA DE LA EJECUCION DE CELIA FUE UN GOLPE DURO A TODO.! :( yo no podria. soy demasiado cobarde para eso y cuando Daxton le da la pistola a Lila (Kitty) para que le disparace a su propia madre. fue el punto que me rompio. volvi a llorar :'S. pero gracias a quien sabe que cosa, le rozo la sien pero no la mato, entoces en eso Celia se va contra Daxton, pero al final si logran matarla :( YA SHINGAO.! BASTA DE MUERTES..! :'S pero en si, la frase que mas me encanto de Celia fue " A veces tienes que sacrificar a la reina para capturar al Rey" AHUEVOOOUUU.!!9.- Cuando Knox, al fin de los fines.! se conecta y le dice a Kitty que está bien y va en camino. Ayy suspire de alivio. era obvio que seguia vivo, pero yaa.! ya queria saber de él -.-10.- DONDE ESTA EL FUCKING BESO ENTRE KITTY Y KNOX.!!? EHH..!! YO QUERIA UN BESOOO..!! desde el primer libro que no se besan. solo fueron dos castos besos en los primeros capitulos del primer libro. y ya.! Y YAAAA.!! :'( pero bueno, ese final si me gusto :3 Kitty regreso con su madre Hannah, a una cabaña al lado del lago, como ella siempre quiso. pero con el rostro y cuerpo de Lila (cosa que yo no queria :( ) y luego Knox llega ahi y se rozan las manos y Kitty sabe que él es lo que le faltaba. Fin. Sin beso. Ni de piquito.! :'( Bueno, ya que :(Estados Unidos, volveria a ser a como era antes. Con votaciones, elecciones y sin rangos por medio de examenes. haber si asi les funciona jajaja EXCELENTE LIBRO Y EXCELENTE HISTORIA.! VERY GOOD.! no le doy mas estrellas por que no puedo.Aqui concluye la historia de Kitty Doe, una chica III, que fue enmascarada para ser una chica VII, y que su vida nunca volveria a ser la misma. Una chica que paso de ser Peon a Captiva y logro terminar como Reina.!PUNTO EXTRA PARA LAS PORTADAS Y LOS TITULOS DE LOS LIBROS.!PD: Yo quiero un Greyson, que me regale un collar llave, un marco con boton secreto para otras fotos y un pendiente (arete) comunicador :( :)

  • Claire (Book Blog Bird)
    2019-05-19 09:47

    This was a good end to the series. The inevitable romance was a bit (incredibly) slow in coming, but there were some truly emotional parts and some really good action too.I don't think I enjoyed this series as much as the Goddess series, but it's still worth a look.

  • Chelsea
    2019-05-08 09:01

    Being the last in a trilogy, it moved along a little slowly, but it was a good read. The title is also misleading, but that's not a big issue. The characters did some developing and both good and bad guys died, so the plot was believable.

  • Tuğba Atıcı Coşar (okuryazarannecik)
    2019-04-29 12:12

    Yine harika bir serinin sonuna geldik.Piyon ve Vezir okuyana kadar bu kadar güzel olduğunu beklemediğim kitaplardı. Piyon’u bir gece bitirmiştim. Gerçi serinin tüm kitapları en fazla iki günde okudum. O kadar güzel o kadar heyecanlıydı ki her sayfa da okuma hızım birkaç kat daha arttı merakımdan.Seri bana göre türünün en iyilerinden.Şah’ı bildiğiniz gibi #PiyondanSaha diyerek kocaman bir okuma grubuyla birlikte okuduk. Ve yine tabii ki çok güzeldi.Serinin son kitabı olmasından mı bilmem bunda ilk iki kitap kadar bol aksiyonlu sahneler okumuyoruz. Ama bu benim için bir eksi değildi. Çünkü bence ilk ve ikinci kitap bu bakımdan bizi yeterince doyurmuştu. Ben biraz durgunlaşmasını açıkçası beklemiştim. Ama bu seferde ne olacak merakından gerildim orası da ayrı. Benim yaşlarına rağmen en sevdiğim karakterler bu seride oldu sanırım. Saçma tripleri okumuyoruz ve bu kitabın gidişatını hiç bozmuyor.Benim için kitabın sonu hariç sn derece muazzamdı. Aslında derdim Knox tabii ki.Bu kitapta daha çok görmeyi beklediğim için bütün atarım. Hatta daha kitap çıkmadan Irmak’la bunu konuşmuştuk yani yazar bizi bol Knox’lu sahnelere boğar umudumuz çok yüksekti ama ne yazık ki olmadı.Sonu istediğim gibi mi bitti, evet. Ama bana yetmedi. Çok değil sadece birkaç sayfa daha beklediğimiz şeyleri okumak istedim. Oldubittiye gelmiş gibi hissettirdi ki bunun sebebinin yine bizim fazla beklentimiz olduğunu düşünüyorum.Her şeye rağmen bence harika bir seri. Son derece etkileyici kurguya ve akıcı bir anlatıma sahip. Bir anda birkaç sayfa diye başlıyorsunuz ve hop bir bakmışsınız bitmiş. Hiçbir düşme yaşamadan aynı hevesle ve heyecanla okutturuyor kendini. Distopya severler hatta acaba diye tereddüt edenler varsa bu seriyle bu türe bir giriş yapmanızı öneririm.

  • Jessica (a GREAT read)
    2019-04-23 14:08

    I dove into Aimee Carter's Queen, yet again not remembering the previous events well. This is the problem of a reader who reads too much! LOL. Though, luckily, Aimee does a good job of giving us enough of a recap to see where we are at the beginning of the story. And once again, we find Kitty working with the Blackcoats in order to bring Daxton Hart down once and for all.We know now that the man claiming to be Daxton Hart isn't the real Daxton, but Victor Mercer as Kitty learned he was Masked as Daxton years ago. Now the goal is to prove it to the country that he's a fraud.Kitty and Knox and the rest of the Blackcoats continue to struggle to get the upper-hand in this deadly game that they play with Daxton. Every time it seems one or the other gets ahead, the other comes around and pushes them back. We see this and feel the incredible frustration that Kitty and the rest suffer.It's not long before Kitty is caught by Daxton, while she knew what she was getting into, she's not sorry for her choices. For now she can see Grayson and the real Lila. And for awhile things are calm, and then that's when the storm comes.It's hard to properly describe the events without describing the events. You know? LOL. But basically this plot is thick with tension. There are so many unknown factors in this game and at the crux of it all, you really just want Daxton to die a slow and painful death. Vindictive much? Well, maybe, but if you're already invested in this trilogy then you know it's warranted. Daxton is just one horrible person.One of the things that I liked was the nice subtle romance. True, we have a bit of a love triangle going on, as we could pretty much see coming. But the nice thing, again, is that it too is subtle. And soon enough the triangle is no longer an issue, yet there are no "lovey dovey" moments to be bogged down with. While I do enjoy the occasional romantic interlude, it was a refreshing change to not have that going on here.I was a bit upset by the lack of Knox in this book. Around the halfway point, he takes an exit. I won't get into the details of that, but you can clearly see his lack of presence. And then there's the worry for his well-being, since he is wanted for "treason" or whatever such farce Daxton claims. But when he is around, one can't help but notice the chemistry between him and Kitty. And while I thought Benjy was a sweet guy and all, I was all for Knox in the romance sense.The ending to this one couldn't be more perfect! I'll admit, I was getting a bit upset with how some things turned out or were pushed under the rug. And it nearly changed my rating for this one. But in the last paragraph or two, we are saved, the ending struck home! And I'll stop there before I say something I don't mean to!Overall, I have quite enjoyed this series! It's a far cry different from my usual reads, as there was no paranormal or fantasy elements, magic, or anything "odd" about this book. But it still has plenty of intrigue and suspense and action to keep me turning those pages as fast as my eyes can read! It's rare that I divert this much from my favorite genres, but when Aimee Carter is already one of my favorite authors and the plot sounded more than intriguing enough, I knew it wasn't that much of a risk in reading this. Sure enough, I was right!If you're looking for a read filled with intrigue, backstabbing plots, and more plots to overthrow a tyrannical government, and a heroine who rises to the challengers thrown at her again and again, you couldn't choose a better series than The Blackcoat Rebellion!Overall Rating 4.5/5 stars

  • Lucy
    2019-05-02 06:12

    I want to say something about the series in full that I found amusing, but it's a spoiler. We had Benjy shoved down our throats from Book 1; Chapter 1, and I don't know if you read any reviews for the other books, but consensus was that Benjy was boring and Knox was the one we wanted. And Benjy was boring. Kitty and Benjy were dating from before the story started, and we were all just expected to like him. All I remember about Benjy is--a) red hairb) can readAny and all chemistry with Knox would be followed by copious amounts of Benjy boosting. Benjy is sweet. Benjy is kind. Benjy is so wonderful and great and Knox is a big ol' meany for not letting Kitty do what she wants in the rebellion.(view spoiler)[And then Kitty and Benjy break up in this book, and it's all but explicitly said that Kitty is in love with Knox and he may/may not feel the same way? What? No final kiss even?I find it funny that this was the result of the love triangle after ALL THAT PRO-BENJY GARBAGE. No one else bought it. I almost wonder if Carter was constantly checking over her shoulder at us going, "so, Benjy? No? No one likes him? What about now...? No? Still Knox? Sigh."I was happy that Benjy finally got dropped as a love interest (and even remained as a friend! Wow! Positive!) but sad that Kitty/Knox didn't get much of a celebration. (hide spoiler)]Now, I'm aware that the response to all this may well be, "this is a dystopian series about complicated backstabbing/political ploys! No one cares about the love triangle!" -- to which I say--a) lolb) no. I care. Lots do. We are love triangle trash, and we care.As always, the "complicated" plot was more a mess than "intricate." Lots of things occurred that no sane, diabolical dictator would pull because it just wouldn't make sense. For instance, don't give the voice of a rebellion a chance to speak in public. Ever. Especially at executions. The reasoning, "but he has to treat her nice because the public adores her" is bull. It's too dangerous to keep the public opinion of her high. In that scenario propaganda would have to be circulated about her misdeeds and crimes. She'd have her name tarnished. Painted as a criminal, a liar and all else. There would never be any way to keep her as a "pet" again if she was ever the face of a rebellion and that rebellion was squashed.Every now and then I'd find myself groaning because what was happening sounded good, on paper-- but could never possibly work in real life because of consequences.Also, and I know this is late, the chess metaphors? Groan. I weep for stories that think that chess metaphors are apt or even cool. Which is too bad for this series, regarding the titles of the books.Finally-- because my wrist hurts and I don't want to keep writing-- when I read the first book, I made the decision to keep reading because I shipped the creepyship of evil uncle (and big bad) with main girl. Well, I just want to say that at least I got a little more of that before the ending. In fact, it was a more satisfying ship than Kitty/Benjy.

  • Christine Charliers
    2019-05-16 09:04

    In het kort. De eerste 100pg moest ik me doorworstelen. Het was soms meer gedachtes die ik las dan gebeurtenissen waardoor het erg traag ging. Dan ging het goed en dan ineens vloog het boek uit de bocht met de ene overkill na de andere. Het was heel spannend maar het raakte me niet meer naarmate het einde kwam. Het was iets teveel van het goede waardoor het ongeloofwaardig begon te worden. En dat vond ik erg jammer want ik hou van haar schrijfstijl en de vorige twee delen vond ik echt heel goed en in balans.

  • Amber
    2019-04-28 07:52

    4.5 StarsCaptive was such a thrilling adventure that I was afraid Queen wouldn't live up to everything it had built up to. Allow me to put your worries at ease. Plot: Queen has so much happen for only 288 pages, but still seems to be the right length for this series ender. The trouble with a concluding book is that it's hard to avoid spoilers, so unfortunately, I can't speak too much for the overall story. You can guess that the ante has been upped like never before; lives are lost and Carter proves that she isn't afraid to hurt her characters. Despite all of the heartache and fear, Queen's ending satisfied me and seemed appropriate for the entire series.Characters: Let me just say that no one is safe in Queen. If you thought that Daxton was at his most vicious in Captive, well prepare yourself for even more! Kitty Doe continues to be a strong character with reservations and a pure heart. Even though she is rough around the edges, I love how she has come to care for the Black Coat Rebellion, and how much she is willing to sacrifice for them. As you all know, there is a bit of a love triangle, but it all goes wrapped up nicely in Queen. Very nicely. SO VERY FRICKIN NICELY. THANK GOD.Worldbuilding: We have explored most of the landscape in the Black Coat Rebellion series in Pawn and Captive. Even though we're exploring old terrain, it still delivers something new; and I would love to revisit this new America that Carter created.Audiobook Performace: The narration, just like in the other two, is spot on. The narrator's voice captured Kitty's desperation, sarcasm, and fear perfectly. More importantly, her male voices were believable!Short N Sweet: Queen wraps up The Black Coat Rebellion series nicely, I'm just sad to say goodbye to these characters.

  • Brooke ♥booklife4life♥
    2019-05-21 05:56

    **Find this and other reviews, plus fun stuff, on my blogs! Booklikes or Blogspot**Basic InfoFormat: KindlePages/Length: n/aGenre: Young Adult; DystopiaReason For Reading: Finish seriesAt A GlanceLove Triangle/Insta Love/Obsession?: Triangle. Cliff Hanger: NoTriggers: n/aRating: 2.5 starsScore SheetAll out of tenCover:8Plot: 3Characters: 6World Building: 6Flow:4Series Congruity: 8Writing: 6Ending: 5Total: 5In DepthBest Part: NahWorst Part: Too much talkly Thoughts Had: Shut up and get there!ConclusionContinuing the Series: n/aRecommending: Just the last few pagesShort Review: OMGEE This was so boring. So much kinda happen, we found more Daxton's, some bombs went off, some shots were fired, but for the most part NOTHING FREAKING HAPPENS. I was bored as hell for sure. The last 50pgs are all you really need to read to "finish" this story. Kitty still got on my nerves. i'm so bored i can't even think of any more to say. *ugh*Misc. Book Boyfriend: KnoxBest Friend Material: Pass.

  • Cheryl
    2019-05-13 07:08

    I really got into this the first book in this trilogy. I could not wait to wait to read book two. I instantly put the second book on my list to read. I still have not read it yet but I am not one of those types that has to always read books in chronological order. Maybe if I had read book two it might have changed my perception of this book. Although, I don't think it would help that much. I was disappointed in this book. It felt like there was aa lot of talk but not a lot of action. Not until the last third of the story. Kitty did not seem like the stronger leader I was seeing emerge from the first book. Also, I found Knox to be annoying, so I was not a fan that much of the love interest. Therefore, you could say I was indifferent to the ending of this book and trilogy. After reading this book and several others by this author I have to say that I have a hit and miss relationship with books written by this author. I am still awaiting for that series that I can become a fan of as I do think this author could strike my fancy.

  • Ellie
    2019-05-02 09:51

    1.5 out of 5 Stars I took entirely too long to finish this short book...what a disappointment it was too. I was not expecting much from this book considering I didn't like the last one that much, but this book felt so off to me. This one seemed to be ten times more violent than the rest of the series and yet some moments in this book also seemed to be cliché and really corny. It didn't mix for me. I also, like many other books similar to this, felt the ending was rushed and not everything was settled the way I wanted it to be. Especially one specific part to Kitty's ending. This series just didn't do it for me and I think that is why it took me so long to read. Unfortunately, I would not recommend this series to anyone.

  • Amber at Fall Into Books
    2019-05-02 14:03

    Loved this ending

  • Ömer
    2019-05-12 11:13

    3.25/5Yorumu için:

  • Tayla Robichaud
    2019-04-25 08:11

    Ahh I really enjoyed this book. I cried so hard when (view spoiler)[ kitty thought Knox was dead(hide spoiler)]I love when a book makes me feel a wide range of emotions and this book definitely did. I was honestly really shocked by a lot of things. This book needs to have more people reading it!This series is so great. Salty about (view spoiler)[ the whole Benjy thing. I understand why they broke up, but I don’t understand why the author made it happen lol. Like I do like Knox but I really love Benjy.(hide spoiler)]